Team Freestyle Junior Varsity & Peewee Freestyle

Team Freestyle consists of the best of the best performers from USA Freestyle Martial Arts. they compete internationally and perform on Martial Art’s largest stages. One of the keys to Team Freestyle’s success is a deep bench. An important part of that bench are the younger athletes working their way up to the Varsity.

Team Freestyle Junior Varsity is comprised of the next generation of Team Freestyle Martial Artists. Make no mistake, this group of 9 to 14 year olds train every bit as hard as Team Freestyle, and are working hard to join the Varsity squad!

All of the athletes on Team Freestyle had to work their way up through the ranks, some starting off as far back as Peewee Freestyle, where 5 to 9 year olds start to learn the basics of performing and competing.

All three elements of the Team Freestyle family are led by Coach Will Jackson.