Maddi Kitts

About Maddi…

  • Current Rank: Junior Blackbelt 1
  • Age: 12
  • Years of Martial Arts Experience: 4
  • Why I started Martial Arts:

“I started martial arts because I watched one of my brother’s classes and it looked like a lot of fun. It gets more challenging as I advance, but to me that makes it even more enjoyable.”

  • Proudest Martial Arts Moment:

“Earning my junior black belt.”

  • Goal I am Currently Working Towards:

“One goal I am currently working towards is getting first place in the extreme forms division. Also, at the dojo I am trying to be more of a leader for the younger students. I want to help the younger students and set a good example because I know firsthand what an impact that can have. Without the older students guiding and helping me I wouldn’t be where I am now.”

  • Other Sports and Hobbies:
    • Football
    • Volleyball
    • Boogie boarding
    • Swimming
    • Creative writing
    • Crafting