Leslie Hernandez

About Leslie…

  • Current Rank: Junior Blackbelt
  • Age: 14
  • Years of Martial Arts Experience: 11
  • Why I started Martial Arts:

“Initially it was different, and I was all about standing out. The fact that Sensei said it would be challenging excited me even more about it. I wanted the opportunity because I knew that it would help me improve myself in almost every way.”

  • Proudest Martial Arts Moment:

“My first back handspring.”

  • Goal I am Currently Working Towards:

“Currently I am hoping to step up and become more of a leader this year. There have been to many opportunities that I have missed and I am working on closing that gap. Second I hope to become a better individual competitor and compete in a lot more tournaments. All together I am hoping to build strength in every skill set I have, and helping out as much as I can with every single teammate in improving as well.”

  • Other Sports and Hobbies:
    • Cross Country
    • Track and Field
    • Photography
    • Video Production
    • Dance